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NFL Week Nine: What We Learned

    1. Aaron Rodgers is the MVP – Mike Wilbon tweeted, “Isn’t Aaron Rodgers as good as Favre ever was…without the drama? Nobody is close to Rodgers for NFL MVP.” Wilbon took the words right out of my mouth. Favre is a legend, but if I were starting a team I’d take Aaron right now over Favre in his prime. Rodgers is so good that he makes reliable receivers like Jordy Nelson and James Jones look like Pro Bowl caliber players. You simply can’t argue that any one else deserves the MVP over Aaron. Cam? No. Eli? No. Megatron? No. Forte? No. Aaron? Yes.

2.Patrick Peterson is a Hester/Reed hybrid – That’s high praise. Sky high praise, but I haven’t seen a rookie with his big play abiliy and coverage skills ever. The Cardinals had a great pick here. There is something about these LSU defensive players that gives them an almost super-human quality. What does Les Miles feed them down there? Peterson’s game-winning, 99 YARD PUNT RETURN in OT was jaw-droppping. (See it here Not many rookies have the cajones to house a punt like that, in OT none-the-less. Rookies are having quite the year, with Peterson, Dalton, Von Miller, AJ Green, Ponder, Julio Jones, and Ryan Kerrigan all playing like seasoned veterans.

    3. The Giants definitely won the Eli-Rivers sweepstakes – In the 2004 NFL draft, the Chargers selected Eli Manning with the first pick, then later traded him to the Giants after Eli refused to suit up for the Bolts. The Eli vs. Rivers debate has been going on for years now. Who’s really better? Well the fact is that Eli has a ring, and Phillip does not. Rivers is hot tempered, and Eli is poised. Eli also holds the record for most consecutive starts by a current NFL QB. While Rivers has better stats, Eli is close behind those numbers, with a ring on his finger. Manning has the Giants in good shape in the NFC East and the Chargers are struggling right now. My final verdict, Eli > Phillip.

    4. Tim Tebow can win games in the NFL – As the Broncos starter this year, Tim Tebow is 2-1. I’m not proclaiming him to be the next Steve Young, or anything of that nature. However, I am saying that if I were John Fox, I would prefer to have Tebow under center, not Orton or Quinn. Tebow’s struggles are very understandable if you think about it. Denver just traded away their best receiver, Brandon Lloyd. Anyone, even Tom Brady, would admit that Denver’s receiving corps is sub-par. The Broncos starting running back is Willis Mcgahee, yes the guy who went Mr. Elastic on us in the 2003 Fiesta Bowl. It is now 2011. That’s old for an NFL runningback, he might as well file for his AARP card. If you ask me, Tebow has done an above average job.

    5. Joe Flacco can be a great QB, when he feels like it – Anyone who watched last night’s game saw Joe Flacco lead the Ravens 90+ yards on Baltimore’s final drive. That was impressive, there were three key drops by his receivers on that drive. But, “Joe Cool” remained calm and collected as he just kept peppering his receivers with perfectly thrown balls. He tore apart Troy Polamalu’s secondary on that drive. Anquan Boldin proved to be his reliable, tough self and rookie wide out Torrey Smith redeemed himself after several big mistakes with a HUGE touchdown reception at the end of the game. The catch gained Smith praise from the team’s leader, Ray Lewis, as he said the offense  “positioned themselves so that when God gets ready to pour out blessings, you’re in position to receive them.”

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