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The Big Boys: Week 10’s Top 10 Fantasy QB Projections


    1. Aaron Rodgers – Rodgers is the best fantasy player this year, by far. He is facing a Minnesota defense that has a respectable D-Line, but nothing else to scare Aaron. Rodgers has thrown 24 TDs already this season and it doesn’t appear as if  those numbers will drop off anytime soon. His receiving corps may very well be the best in the league, I look for Aaron to target Greg Jennings on deep balls multiple times. The Vikings believe this game is up for grabs and I have a feeling Aaron will show them who their daddy is.  My predicition – 34 fantasy points.

    2. Cam Newton – Cam has been a gift from above for his fantasy owners this year. He was usually drafted in the closing rounds of the draft as an interesting, potentially decent QB. Well, now he has blossomed into a fantasy volcano, spewing points with each play he makes. Steve Smith and just about every other offensive player for Carolina has benefited from this. Cam has the Titans on Sunday, who are a respectable defense, yet they have visible flaws. Tennessee just let fellow rookie sensation Andy Dalton tear them apart in the second half of last week’s game. Look for Cam to visit pay dirt  at least three times, maybe even one or two more. My predicition – 32 fantasy points.

    3. Drew Brees – Brees is always a fantasy stud. This week he takes on a Falcons defense that has been playing well as of late. But, the telling stat here is that Brees averages over 300 passing yards against the Falcons over his career. And with Sproles, Graham, Colston, Moore, and other reliable targets, “you can’t stop him, you can only contain him, ” as Dan Patrick would say. These NFC South games always seem to end up in shootouts, and I don’t think this will be any different. My prediction 30 fantasy points.


    4. Mike Vick – Vick has been struggling, a little, this season. I think that he is becoming a scapegoat for some all around terrible play by Philly, but still, he has underperformed. Vick is playing the Cardinals this weekend, and they lack a steady pass rush. This is key for Vick because he gets shutdown with constant pressure, as most would. The Eagles are starving for wins at this point, and it’s now or never. I expect Desean Jackson to finally break off one of his big plays and for Vick to just go off. Also, now that LeSean McCoy has been playing out of his mind, it takes a little pressure of Vick. My prediction – 29 fantasy points.

    5. Phillip Rivers – Rivers has been the fantasy equivalent to a dining hall apple, you really never know whether it will be good or not. But, he is facing a worn down, Tebow-ed, Oakland defense on short rest tonight. The Broncos gauged them last week, the Broncos. Phillip will put up some respectable numbers tonight and get a much needed win for San Diego. I expect him to pepper Jackson, Gates, and Floyd with lots of pigskin, and I mean lots of it. He needs to win, and he needs to control his turnovers, and for some reason, I believe he will do that tonight.                                              My prediction – 28 fantasy points.

    6. Tony Romo – Tony Romo, the most bi-polar player in the league. At times this season it has looked like Dallas would rather have Apollo Anton Ohno, instead of Romo, as their QB (does that rhyme?). But, the fact is that Romo has proven that he can make big plays, and Anton Ohno is too busy shooting Subway commercials anyway, so Dallas is stuck with Tony. However, I think Romo will have a big game against Buffalo, especially since the Bills’ pass rush has been sub-par recently. With the development of Demarco Murray and Laurent Robinson for the Cowboys, Romo literally has no reason to under perform. My prediction – 26 fantasy points.

    7. Ryan FitzMagic – Oops, I meant Fitzpatrick. This is a huge game for the Bills, if they lose three in a row, Buffalo’s high hopes will take a substantial hit. Dallas’ Defense is not very good, especially with the loss of Sean Lee last week. Lee’s injury forces Keith Brooking AKA “Ole Grandad” to start for Dallas, this should leave the middle of the field open and lessen Dallas’ run defense. However, the always dominant Demarcus Ware will still be prowling the gridiron, looking to pulverize Fitzpatrick. This game will be a battle of the aforementioned Romo and Fitzy, and while I think Romo puts up slightly better numbers, Buffalo wins. My prediction – 23 fantasy points.

    8. Mark Sanchez –The Sanchise, Mexico’s Wonder Boy, The GQ QB…in the top 10? Yes, solely because the Patriots secondary is beyond terrible. And although Sanchez hasn’t been known to put up big numbers, he does have the weapons in Keller, Plax, Santonio, Greene, and LT. This is a big game for both teams and I see Sanchez having one of his better games. Sanchez showed against San Diego that he can rely on Plax in the end zone. This is a bold choice, but I like Sanchez to win this game and put up good numbers. My prediction – 21 points.


    9. Eli Manning –Eli has been playing great football as of late, but so has the 49er’s defense. I still expect Eli to have a respectable day and put up some good numbers. This is also another big game for both teams involved. If the Giants could beat the 7-1 Niners, people in NY would praise Eli about as much as they ever have. Manning is fianlly getting recognized as a top NFL QB. Is it possible that he could actually end up with more Super Bowl wins than his almighty brother Peyton? Well, yes it is. If the Giants beat San Francisco, I think it makes them the second best NFC team. This is a big one for Eli and I expect him to perform well. My prediction – 21 points.

    10. Tom Brady – Brady has been falling from grace lately. And as much as I want to say that he will come back with a great game and beat the Jets, I can’t. I hope he proves me wrong though. Having Brady ranked under Sanchez in a fantasy article seems like taboo for me. However, that’s what I have to do. Brady is going up a Jet’s defense that has been known to amp up their level of play in big games. And whenever the Pats and Jets square off, it’s big. Brady has two reliable tight ends, Welker, and Branch. That’s pretty good, and Brady is a legend. So doubting him seems futile, but I am doing exactly that. My prediction – 20 points.

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