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Denver’s Defense….and Tebow have the Broncos riding high

    Tebowmania is taking the nation by storm. At first, it seemed like a cool fluke that Tebow won a few games, now Denver is on pace to win the AFC West. Fans are tieing Te-bows into their daughter’s hair, receiving holiday Te-bonuses at their places of work,  Bronco fans have even stopped wearing sweatpants in public in order to hide their Te-boners. Well, that may have been too much.

Tebow reminds me of Peyton Manning. Hold on, don’t get your panties in a wad, I’ll explain. The Colts are hapless without Peyton, he inspires the entire team to play well and he manages the game. Manning also limits turnovers. Tebow does those things too. However, Tebow lacks the laser-rocket arm that Peyton possesses, so he makes up for it with an extremely dedicated work ethic and ferocious will power. Without Peyton, there is no success in Indy, and without tebow, there’d be no success in Denver.

 Anyone can see that Denver is playing inspired football right now, and their defense is playing lights out. While they did just let up 32 points to the Vikings, they were playing without their superstar rookie linebacker Von Miller. They did exactly what they had to do, keep Minnesota within striking distance for a Tebow-nafied comeback.

Multiple member’s of the Broncos defense have been quoted saying that Tebow’s attitude and work ethic have inspired them to play harder. But two people are truly behind the emergence of Denver’s stingy defense; Von Miller and Brian Dawkins. Miller is easily the Defensive Rookie of the Year, and Dawkins brings poise and leadership to a playoff ready defense. I guarantee that if Dawkins was still on the Eagles, they would not be anywhere near as bad as they are right now. Dawkins turns into a different person on the field, laying it all out on the line, play after play. He has the type of veteran confidence and experience to lead Denver into the playoffs. Miller has 57 tackles and 10.5 sacks as a rookie. That’s more than impressive. There is no Tebowmania without Von Miller and Brian Dawkins.

On Monday, I heard Dan Patrick say that if Cam Newton and Tebow switched places, the two teams would have the same records. By saying this, Patrick meant that Tebow has it easier in Denver than Cam does in Carolina. I love Dan Patrick and his radio show, but this is one of the few rare occasions where I flat-out disagree with him. Since the defense is playing so well, people like to take a lot of the credit away from Tebow. In fact, some may think that’s exactly what I’m doing in this article. But, that is not my intention, I am saying that Tebow has inspired Denver’s entire team to play much better.

But back to Patrick’s comment, I don’t see how he could rationally say that. The Panthers defense is not horrible, in fact, they’re in the top ten in points allowed per game, total yards allowed per game, and both passing and rushing yards allowed per game. That  is a good defense. Newton has far better offensive weapons as well. Don’t tell me that Steve Smith, Jeremy Shockey, Greg Olsen, Jonathan Stewart, or Deangelo Williams wouldn’t start, and be a star, in Denver. Tebow is working with Eric Decker as his number one receiver. That should be enough said, but wait, there’s more. Can you even name Denver’s starting tight end? It’s Daniel Fells. His other receivers  are Eddie Royal, Demaryius Thomas, and Matthew Willis. Heck, the Panthers’ second string receiver, Legedu Naanee, might even be better than Decker. Tebow does have NFL journeyman Willis McGahee, who is good, but he’s old and injury prone. I’m sorry DP, you know I love you, but that was a dumb thing to say.

In summation, Tebow is the reason for Denver’s success, by the transitive property. He inspires the whole team. Without Tebow, there’s no dominant defense, there’s no belief, and there’s certainly no potential AFC West championship. The defense deserves its props, but so does Tebow. The two perfectly complement each other, if one was not there, the other wouldn’t be either. They have the perfect storm brewing in Denver, now it’s time to sit back and see what kind of damage Hurricane Tebow causes.

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