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Metta World Peace morphs back into Ron Artest

After watching this multiple times and dwelling on it for a few hours after the game, I am disgusted. I have been a Ron Artest/Metta World Peace fan and backer throughout his entire career, but there’s no defending this.

It was blatantly obvious that World Peace (as ironically named as he is) intended to hurt Harden with that shot. This is cheating in its worst form. World Peace took out the Thunder’s best role player and distributor…and the Lakers still barely beat OKC.

World Peace will be suspended for at least the first playoff series, which could seriously hurt LA. The word on the street (AKA Twitter) is that Harden is concussed, which would not surprise me since Metta is one of the strongest players in the league.

If Harden has to miss serious time because of this, then it’s a travesty because that’s a huge blow to the Thunder. World Peace acted like a goon today, and I know that’s not who he really is. He has battled demons through out his entire career and had just recently gained back some of the respect he lost earlier in his career.

I’m honestly glad this did not escalate into anything more because if you look at the video at around the 10 second mark you can see World Peace say, “What’d I do!?!” to Serge Ibaka. World Peace then proceeds to clench his fists and step back, looking like he’s ready to start swinging. We can all be glad that didn’t happen.

Hopefully World Peace can resume a normal career and still garner some respect, but I doubt that will happen. He is nearing the end of his career now and the last thing he wanted to do is go out with a bad taste in his mouth. Well, with his elbow to Harden’s head today, World Peace might as well brush his teeth and chug an orange Gatorade.

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