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The PUP List’s 2012 NBA Playoff 1st Round Predicitions


Chicago vs. Philadelphia – The Bulls will win this series, but the number of games that it will take depends on the health of Derrick Rose. If Rose can return to his super-human form, Bulls will win in five. If Rose struggles and CJ Watson sees increased minutes, Bulls win in six. Philly was hot early in the year, but they have cooled down now and stand no chance. CHICAGO WINS.

Miami vs. New York – This is an interesting match up, one that will leave NBA fans drooling. Miami will win, but it will be very entertaining. Melo is feeling it as of late, really feeling it. He is going to try his best to go blow for blow with the tandem of Wade and LeBron, but Miami will come out victorious. If the Knicks want to have any chance, Novak needs to never miss a shot and Amare has to completely dominate Bosh. I really wish I could pick NY, but I can’t, Miami wins in six. MIAMI WINS.

Indian vs. Orlanda – The Pacers are a quiet little squad huh? No one really talks about them or gives them any credit. But, Indiana has a scoring threat in Danny Granger and a good big man in Roy Hibbert. I think this will actually be the most lopsided of all the first round match ups. Pacers sweep the Magic. INDIANA WINS.

Boston vs. Atlanta – The Celtics and Hawks match up well, but Atlanta has no chance without Al Horford. KG has returned to a dominant form and Paul Pierce is beyond clutch. Not to mention Rondo is just plain rude with the rock. Boston wins easily in five games. BOSTON WINS.


San Antonio vs. Utah – Spurs will win this easily. Tony Parker is so good and so underrated. Manu and Duncan are hungry and eager to prove that they still got it.  Utah is decent, and Al Jefferson could pose some problems, but they honestly have no chance. Spurs win in five. SAN ANTONIO WINS.

Oklahoma City vs. Dallas – This is a sketchy match up for OKC. Dallas is no push over, and they are probably one of the better seven seeds ever. But, the Mavs have no one who can guard Rusell Westbrook. Terry and Kidd are way to old to have a chance with Russ. Dirk and KD will put on a light show, and Ibaka will be a force. OKC is too quick and explosive for Dallas. Thunder win in six. OKC WINS.

Los Angeles Lakers vs. Denver – The Lakers will win this, but it will not be easy. Ty Lawson is so fast, almost too fast. The Lakers were smart to have acquired Sessions, because even though he will not be able to stop Lawson, Derek Fisher would’ve had no chance at all. I can see Denver giving LA some fits, but nothing too serious. The Lakers lucked out when they drew Denver, because without Metta World Peace, I think Memphis would have beaten them. LA wins in six, Kobe wants it too much. LAKERS WIN.

Memphis vs. Los Angeles Clippers – This match up is the most intriguing. The series could go either way, and it all depends on one man, Blake Griffin. If Blake is his normal, decently good self, Memphis will win. Griffin needs to really evolve here and show that he can dominate a game, we all know he can slam with the best of them, but he has yet to become a true super star. CP3 will be great, but Memphis has the guard play to hang with him. The Grizzlies are healthy and meshing at the right time. Zach Randolph can contain Blake and the trio of Rudy Gay, OJ Mayo and Mike Conley is too much for LAC to handle. Grizzlies win in seven. MEMPHIS WINS.

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