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The Sleepers and Steals of the 2012 NBA Draft

The 2012 NBA Draft was stock piled with solid players with one, maybe two greats. Anthony Davis will be great, although I don’t see the Tim Duncan comparisons. I see Davis being more of an amplified hybrid of KG and Tyson Chandler. MKG goes all out, all the time. He’ll be like Gerald Wallace at a minimum and Scottie Pippen at a maximum. The Ray Allen comparisons for Bradley Beal are seriously high, but I can understand them. I don’t think Beal will ever become the shooter that Ray is, but he is probably more athletic. I will highlight the steals and sleepers of the draft in the rest of the article.

Jeremy Lamb – Guard, UCONN

The Rockets got Lamb at 13. If Lamb reaches the peak of his potential, I can see him playing on a T-Mac-in-his-prime level *other blogger chokes on dinner.* So, it is fitting that he was drafted by Houston. He can get to the rim, make his own shot and drill a fade-away three. He was hurt a little bit by this past season at UCONN, but I think that may have been a post-championship hangover. Jeremy Lamb was a steal at the end of the lottery. He can do it all.  Jeremy Lamb is Snorlax. 

Royce White – Forward, Iowa State

The Rockets got White at 16. White is 1/10 LeBron, 4/10 Al Jefferson and 1/2 Boris Diaw. He can make plays, he’s uuuuge, and he can drill the occasional three (hence the Boris comparison.) Royce is also a Houston Rocket, one could say that the Rockets are sleeping giants. He’s got a body that reminds me of LeBron, but he has the post moves of Al Jefferson. I think he will really be a good player. The Rockets also got UK’s Terrence Jones in the draft, they did a wonderful job. See some Royce highlights here 

Perry Jones III – Forward, Baylor

The Thunder, yes the same Thunder who were in The Finals this year, drafted Jones III with the 28th pick. That is such a steal that it has been rumored that Bonnie and Clyde are rolling over in their respective graves. The Thunder are so young and explosive that it seems a little unfair that they get Jones III. Did I mention he’s 6’10″…oh yeah, he’s 6’10”!  There are many questions about his character and attitude, but with a surrounding cast like KD, Harden and Russ, I doubt they will let him fall through the cracks. I can see him being like a Tayshaun Prince type of player with JR Smith’s athletic ability. 

Jeffery Taylor – Guard/Forward, Vanderbilt

The Bobcats got Taylor with the 31st pick.  I see Jeffery Taylor being a Wilson Chandler type of player, but with a better shot. Taylor was Vanderbilt’s go-to player for a bucket. He is extremely athletic, he has a high basketball IQ, and he can separate from a defender with relative ease. . He will be a solid player for years, and I could even see him making a few All Star teams in the best case scenario for his career. Check out his highlight tape here 

Bernard James – Power Forward, Florida State

The Cavs got James with the 33rd pick. He won’t have the same type of impact that the other James in Cleveland had…but, he’ll make an impact. He is a man’s man, he served six years in the Air Force before joining Florida State’s squad. He is a very good defender and he put the ‘Noles defense on his back for FSU’s tourney runs. He will be a regular starter in the NBA and that’s come serious value at pick number 33. Here are some Bernard James highlights 

Jae Crowder- Small Forward, Marquette

The Cavs drafted Crowder with the 34th pick and traded him to the Mavs. He reminds me of Jason Maxiell with a better shot. He will be a quality player for years and work his way into a starting role in the future. Here are some highlights of Jae. 

Darius Johnson-Odom – Guard, Marquette

The Mavs got DJO with the 55th pick and traded him to the Lakers. That was great value for the Lakers, especially considering Lakers’ situation. He could be a valuable back up guard for the Lakers and that’s serious value for a 55th pick. I can see him being like a more polished Nate Robinson who can actually provide some reliable help to a team. Here are some highlights of DJO 

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