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VIDEO: AJ McCarron comes to a sad realization that his life will never be the same

That is the look of a devastated man. That’s the look of a man who’s girlfriend just reached celebrity status thanks to a few seconds of TV time. Katherine Webb is extremely gorgeous, she watched her boyfriend play football, ESPN got a shot of her doing that, and she gained nearly 160,000 Twitter followers because of it. America is pretty gross sometimes, and last night was a prime example of it. LeBron even followed her on Twitter after the shot, as the reporter mentions. And when AJ says, “I’mma get a follow (from LeBron), that’s messed up,” he really means what the f***?

Brent Musburger could barely keep it in his pants describing her. Really Brent? One would think you’d know how to handle yourself in front of a gorgeous woman by now, let alone handle yourself in front of a gorgeous woman, in front of an entire nation. She’s a beautiful woman, not Halley’s Comet. They’re all around us, and they’re human. McCarron now has to worry about dudes trying to steal his girlfriend, dudes with money, power, college degrees, and fame. Darnell Dockett of the Arizona Cardinals already tried to stake his claim on AJ’s girl. TMZ will be following AJ and Katherine around now, their every move will be documented.

This is the world that we live in. The internet is the world’s largest double-edged sword, and lots of creepy people like to swing it around.

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