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Yao Ming Appreciation Day

I have deemed today Yao Ming appreciation day, so accept it. He’s one of the most influential and revolutionary players to ever play the game. Don’t deny his greatness, or he will haunt your dreams. He was sneakily a huge badass. Here’s some of the best things he ever blessed us with.

1. Yao tells Kobe, “Bro, don’t f___ with me.”

It’s pretty simple, don’t f___ with Yao.

2. Yao drops another F bomb

This time he graces us with a “you try and f___ing stop me!”

3. Yao poses with a rhino


Shades, check. Rhino, check.

4. Yao loses jump ball to Vince Carter

Give him a break, he’s not infallible.

5. Yao and T-Mac become one and the same

You can’t not like a video with Chuck, Yao, and T-Mac.

6. Yao cherrypicks, capitalizes on the worst layup ever

Admit you forgot Fisher played for Utah.

7. Yao pulls off greatest athletic achievement of all-time, Rafer Alston ruins it

GOAT…go back to the And1 Tour, Rafer.

8. Yao fiendishly blocks LeBron and asserts dominance

REAL RECOGNIZE REAL. It’s clear that Yao would’ve had the more legendary career were it not for that nagging foot injury.

9. Yao does work on KG, gets the And-1

Slight work.

10. Yao christens Javale Mcgee, social media would have exploded if it existed

Raw power. (Will Ferrell voice)

11. Anthony Randolph makes worst decision of his life, Yao capitalizes


That concludes the list, there were 11 to honor his legendary number. Have a wonderful day. #YaoForever

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