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If Johnny Manziel Decides to Stay at Texas A&M, It’s Because He Doesn’t Want to Be a Cleveland Brown

Manziel might be on to something

Manziel might be on to something

The butterfly effect, the idea that a small change in a complex system can have large effects elsewhere, may be having a huge influence on Johnny Manziel’s decision to turn pro or to stay in school.

How? Well, there has to be a reason why Manziel hasn’t declared for the draft yet and I have an idea of what it might be.

Central Florida’s Blake Bortles had a great game in the Fiesta Bowl, and his already ascending NFL draft stock took on new heights. He is now widely viewed as the number two quarterback prospect in the draft, ahead of Manziel.

The top 24 slots in the NFL Draft are now set, and all signs point to Manziel being the third QB taken at this point.

The Houston Texans have the first pick, and many believe they will select Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater. The Rams are second, via Washington’s pick, and they are not expected to take a signal caller. The Jacksonville Jaguars are third, and this is where Manziel’s problems may loom.

After Bortles’ stellar bowl game, projections have the Jaguars selecting the local kid, Bortles, ahead of Manziel. This leaves Johnny Football as the best quarterback left on the board with the Cleveland Browns selecting next.

Now, this is pure speculation on my part, but I could honestly see Manziel deciding to stay in school so that he doesn’t have to play for the Browns. A&M’s superstar slinger is known for his flashy, high-octane lifestyle, and Cleveland isn’t the spot for the most polarizing NFL prospect to start his professional career. Look how it turned out for fellow QBs Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, and Brandon Weeden. It’s not exactly enticing.

The Browns are a mess, they just illogically fired former head coach Rod Chudzinski after expecting him to turn a lump of coal into a diamond in just one season. He had a quarterback arsenal of Brandon Weeden, Brian Hoyer, and Jason Campbell. Management traded away his franchise running back. What was he really supposed to do?

The team doesn’t even have a head coach at the moment, and their owner is constantly being investigated by the FBI.

Manziel is a smart kid, and he has insightful people in his corner. There’s a strong chance that if he declares for the draft, he’ll end up in Cleveland. The last thing he needs is to immediately be the expected savior of a team in turmoil. It’s the worst possible scenario for him.

If he decides to return to Texas A&M, people will be stunned, but it would make sense.

I understand that players need to go pro before injuries occur in college to get their money, but money isn’t an issue for Manziel.

His family has an oil empire. He has the money to take a round trip to play Pebble Beach for a day, to sit court-side at Spurs games, and to hang out with Drake. The dollars don’t matter, what does matter is his environment.

And if he can avoid playing for the Browns, he should do everything in his power to make that happen. Having that job hasn’t worked out for anyone recently, and Manziel is such a lightning rod that if he were to initially struggle in Cleveland, things could turn very sour, very fast.

He has the life at Texas A&M. He’s a god on campus, and he still has the money to do whatever he wants. Would contending for a national title and another Heisman really be that bad? I think not.

However, there is a strong chance that if he stays in school to avoid the Browns, Cleveland could easily be sitting at the top of the 2015 NFL Draft again, waiting to snag him.

It would definitely be a bold move, but it’s not ridiculous.

One can’t be surprised by anything Manziel does at this point. And if he stays, I think it’s because he simply doesn’t want to begin his pro career at a hopeless franchise.

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