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The 2013-2014 Pup List “My Boi” All-Star Team

my boi all-starsWith the actual NBA All-Star Game right around the corner, I figured I might as well compose the 2013-2014 Pup List “My Boi” All-Star roster. By that, I mean this is a roster composed of players that I simply appreciate. Player personality has a lot to do with this. I also respect players who stay true to themselves, don’t care about the the media, and utilize their strengths well.


Point Guard – Rajon Rondo

Rondo is back, it is beautiful, AND it looks like he developed a three-point shot while rehabbing his ACL injury. His evolution is starting to remind me of Jason Kidd. Kidd had no shooting touch at the beginning of his career, then developed a respectable outside shot and became a living legend. I love watching Rondo play, and I’m super excited to see where his career goes. Also, he doesn’t care what you think about him, and that’s cool.

Shooting Guard – Lance Stephenson

Lance “Born Ready” Stephenson embodies everything I love about basketball. He overcame the odds, expresses himself on the court, and most importantly, isn’t afraid of anybody. Larry Bird gave him a shot with the Pacers and he is making the most of it. He realizes what he’s good at, and optimizes his skills to their highest potential. He holds the key to the Pacers title hopes, if he can go blow for blow with Dwyane Wade, I like Indy’s chances to make it to the Finals.

Small Forward – Kevin Durant

He could really be listed at any position here, but he definitely deserves a spot. He’s on an absolute tear this year and he easily deserves the MVP. You could even make the case that he has been the best player in the entire league thus far this season, ahead of LeBron. As with everyone on this list, he’s true to himself and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. After the Thunder’s big win against the Heat during Super Bowl week, he gave all the glory to God in a post-game interview with Doris Burke, and that was cool to see. I’m really pulling for him to get a ring this year.

Power Forward – Blake Griffin

Dear Blake criticizers, SIP ON HIS HATERADE. Blake has been dominant this season and he’s embarrassing whoever attempts to guard him. He constantly gets ripped on by the media for being “soft,” and I really don’t understand it. He’s powerful, explosive, and like all the others “bois” on this list, he truly gives zero you-know-whats. He’s polished his game and is becoming a much better all-around player. For anyone who can’t appreciate his game because he’s “different,” I have some advice that I once heard a wise older gentleman once say: “don’t hate, marinate.”

Center – DeMarcus Cousins

His nickname is Boogie, and he can get down. He’s a beast and during this past off-season, Shaq blessed him with his seal of approval after the legend purchased a share of the team. He’s putting up nearly 23 and 12 a game this year, and you guessed it, he doesn’t care what you think about him. The Kings are fun to watch and I’m rooting for their roster to blossom.


Rudy Gay – Another King on the roster. He has been torn apart by the media for his entire career and is finally playing well in Sac-Town. It’s great to see.

DeMar DeRozan – DeRozan has two separate randomly capitalized letters in his full name, I love that. Also, he’s ballin’ out this year. I hope the world gets to see what he can do in the All-Star game.

Gerald Green – Best living dunker on the planet. There it is, I said it. He’s having a great season with Phoenix after bouncing around the NBA and the world for a long time. Happy to see him succeed.

Kyle Lowry – The Toronto point guard is a “dawg” by its most basic definition. He doesn’t care what you think, he doesn’t want to be fake buddy-buddy with you, he just wants to win. It’s awesome.

Goran Dragic – The Suns’ point guard got snubbed from the All-Star game, and admittedly, that increases my love for him as a player. I love the underdog. I’m an NBA hipster. He’s a beast and he’s from Slovenia. Enough said.

Joakim Noah – I don’t have to say much here. Just look at him. He’s making the best of his abilities and he truly isn’t scared of anyone.

Paul Pierce – His picture should be in the dictionary next to an excerpt about playing to your strengths as a human. He’s also just a stand-up dude. My favorite player ever.

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