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Jonathan Martin Should Be Looked Up To, Not Condemned for Being “Soft”

I hope most of us hold the opinion that the headline expresses, but judging from a quick glance around the internet this morning, I know that’s definitely not the case.

For those who are completely unfamiliar with the situation, Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin left the team last year after suffering harassment from fellow teammates. It also seems as if he just didn’t like his job, and contrary to the “American Way” and what society would tell you, it’s OK to quit a job in order to find true happiness.

Now, that unpopular opinion is basically essential to living this life happily, but people don’t like to hear it. Quitting a job means financial insecurity, it also takes effort and determination. Martin has been heavily criticized for quitting the NFL because he has such a huge gift. Many people would kill to play professional football, but we have to understand that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

It’s perfectly fine for Martin to quit playing football if he doesn’t like it. I would actually have a “problem” with him  if he kept playing against his own will, continued to be unhappy, and suffered long-term injuries in the process. But, when it boils down to it, it doesn’t matter what I think about this, what your roommate thinks about it, or what anyone on ESPN thinks.

This a personal matter by its very definition. Martin released a list of his reasons for quitting today and it was very blunt. I respect him a lot for releasing it, and have posted it below, verbatim.

– I hate going in everyday.

-I am unable to socialize with my teammates in their crude manner

-I already have a lot of money. I could travel the world, get my degree. Then get a real job.

– I could lose 70 pounds and feel good about my body.

-I won’t die from CTE

-Maybe I’ll start to LIKE myself

-I don’t need to live lavishly. I could live very frugally

-why do I care about these people. All I need is my family.

That’s the end of it, and that’s a role model if I’ve ever seen one. If you see this and feel stuck in a rut at your job, or any part of life really, don’t be afraid to change your life for the better even if it means quitting.




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