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Gameday Update: Sneaky Spoos and Scary Boos

I’m currently addressing gut feelings as kickoff approaches, so here are some sneaky spoos and scary boos as we get closer and closer to the action.


Fred Jackson: Word is that the fan base in Buffalo has entered a formerly untapped level of rowdiness for today’s home opener against the Dolphins because of the confirmation that the Bills will remain in Buffalo for a very long time. Fred Jackson is Buffalo’s main man and I expect the Bills to “let him eat” as the kids say.

Bills D: The Bills SHUT OUT the Dolphins 19-0 late last season in a game that Miami needed to get into the playoffs. They can bring it when they want to and they contained the Bears well last week. And, like I said earlier, the crowd will be going wild after the Sabres’ owner officially bought the team, which ensures that the Bills will indeed stay in Buffalo. Also, Ryan Tannehill is rough of the road.

Santonio Holmes: It looks like Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery won’t play tonight, so Santonio is now officially Cutler’s go-to receiver.

Martellus Bennett: Same reasons as above, Cutler will need him.

Kendall Wright: Tannehill and Wright will decimate the Cowboys. Don’t know how I forgot him yesterday.

Jermaine Gresham: Tyler Eifert is out and the Falcons leave a lot of opportunities out there for tight ends.


Carson Palmer: Bench him! He was a spoo for me yesterday but apparently he’s too hurt to play today.

*Will keep this updated until kickoff

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