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Fantasy: Last Minute Waiver Wire Help


By: Alex Marcheschi

Sorry for the lack of posts even though I declared that the blog is back, I just haven’t “been feelin’ it” as the youths say. But I’m feelin’ it right now! Here are some fantasy waiver guys to pick up for those of us in sticky situations thanks to injuries and domestic violence.


Bishop Sankey, Titans – The Titans have the Browns at home, and Cleveland has been giving up some big days to opposing backs this year. Also, Ken Whisenhunt has declared that Sankey has basically won over the job from Shonn Greene. All signs point to a 15+ point day for Sankey. For people like me who drafted AP with their first pick in both leagues, Sankey could help out a lot.

LeGarrette Blount, Steelers – The Steelers are at Jacksonville this week, and the Jags’ D is miserable. There is no way Big Ben and Co. will drop two in a row to Tampa and the Jags, so I will declare this one a lock for the Steelers. They will most likely get up big, and that means more carries for Blount, especially come garbage time. He could get multiple touchdowns. If you’re desperate, he’s a good option.

Khiry Robinson, Saints – I have personally deemed this man “Uncle Drew V2,” solely because he shares a first name with Kyrie Irving, but he runs hard and he’s worth a shot. No one knows what’s going on with the Saints right now, but they are at home this week and that’s always a plus. This is one of his last weeks with a solid amount of touches until Ingram comes back, so if you can grab him, I’d say go for it. Probably at least a 10 point game for him.

Players to look out for future use – Mark Ingram is coming back soon, stash him if you can. It looks like Jerick McKinnon might steal that Vikings job from Asiata at some point, if you have room on your bench, grab him. Ryan Mathews is coming back in 2-3 weeks, act accordingly. My boss at work is really big on Falcons playmaker Antone Smith, if anything happens to Steven Jackson, he could come up huge, but for now he’s a high risk/high reward start.


Eli Manning, Giants – The Falcons’ D has been getting torched lately and Eli looks better. Give Eli a shot if you have a bad match-up with your starter this week. Could pay off big-time. For the record though, I am a perennial backer of Eli as an ELIte QB…don’t hate on that finger jewelry. The concept of luck isn’t real.

Joe Flacco, Ravens – The Ravens are at the Colts and this one could be a shoot-out. He’s gonna need to go blow-for-blow with Andrew Luck, so look for a big day. Also, Flacco is pretty good in domes.

Mike Glennon, Bucs – I think Glennon will end up being a very good NFL QB, and he has a shot to make some noise this week at New Orleans. Look for him to air it out to keep up with a slighted Brees. This could be another shoot-out. He could be good for over 25 points.

Austin Davis, Rams – Austin Davis fears no man. He’s at Philly this week and, like Flacco and Glennon, will need to go blow-for-blow with his opponent. I like his attitude and the Rams could surprise some people in this one. Definitely a big risk, but it could work out.


Torrey Smith, Ravens – Torrey has struggled this year and he might be available in some leagues thanks to that. I see this as his breakout game. In a dome, against the high-powered Colts, it just seems right.

Terrance Williams, Cowboys – Dallas has the Texans at home and Houston will likely focus the majority of its attention on Murray, Witten, and Dez. Look for Williams to play well here.

Rueben Randle, Giants – I foresee a big game from Eli, and as a result, Randle too. If you have indigestion, watch out, because this week will showcase a spicy Rueben!

Andrew Hawkins, Browns – Personally, I think Hawkins should be owned in all PPR leagues. If he’s a available in yours, grab him. Part of this stems from my irrational love of Brian Hoyer, but still Hawkins is reliable and they have the spotty Titans this week.



I truly have no idea here other than Owen Daniels at the Colts. But, for future purposes, try to get Jordan Reed before he comes back for the Redskins.


Same general idea here, but the Bengals at the Pats smells like a big-time Nugent game. Justin Tucker at the Colts also smells nice. So does Suisham at JAX.

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