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The Pup List’s 2014-2015 NFL Playoff Predictions

2014-2015 nfl bracketThe time is upon us yet again. The NFL playoffs present us with so many opportunities to experience a full color wheel of emotions. Many questions are floating in our air space: Can Romo get a ring?  Is Cam Newton mentally stable? Will the Bengals finally win a playoff game? Is Arizona’s D good enough to carry them? Will Peyton Manning keep launching ducks? And so, and so forth. Let’s delve into it because this has been a plump harvest and there is much to reap.

Wild Card Weekend

5 Cincinnati @ 4 Indianapolis – I got the Bengals here, and I don’t know why. This is a revenge game and maybe Cincinnati can show some emotion for once and will themselves to a win. Basically it comes down to thinking that Indy is just playing worse than the Bengals are at this point. In the battle of sporadic QBs named Andrew, I’m taking…Dalton (:/).

6 Baltimore @ 3 Pittsburgh – As demonstrated in the bracket above, I’m all in on the Ravens. The Better Harbaugh, Playoff Flacco, a pissed off Haloti Ngata, a maimed (probably inactive) Le’Veon Bell, and an absolutely terrible Steelers’ secondary. Be prepared for Joseph Flacco, Ph.D. His playoff record is 9-4 with an 86.2 quarterback rating, 19 TDs and 8 picks. In 2012 Flacco threw 11 TDs and no picks in the playoffs. Get ready.


5 Arizona @ 4 Carolina – Nobody’s taking the Cardinals….you know what that means. Arizona will win. And that will happen because of the sheer power and authority invested in Bruce Arians. Also, I can’t count on Cam continuing to play this well. Pat Peterson will win this one for Arizona.

6 Detroit @ 3 Dallas – Dallas got the perfect match up to just propel their playoff confidence into the stratosphere. Time for Romo to blossom like a beautiful Venus Fly Trap and gobble up the haters. Big D moves on.

Divisional Round 

5 Cincinnati @ 2 Denver –  And this is where the fun stops for the Bengals. The Broncos at home will prove to be too much, especially without (most likely) A.J. Green. Denver will handily win, I can’t see Bengals’ D coordinator Paul Guenther coming up with another great strategy to contain Denver for half of the game.

6 Baltimore @ 1 New England – It just feels like 2012 all over again for Baltimore. They’re limping into the playoffs, and on the verge of catching fire. There’s a strong history of six seeds making a run in the playoffs and I think it’s going to happen again. They can beat the Patriots, and I smell something fishy brewing over in Foxboro. Something seems off, just a gut feeling. Ravens roll.


3 Dallas @ 2 Green Bay – Rooooooomoooooooo. It’s his year. He’s one tough SOB, he’s been playing with two chipped vertebrae and a fracture in his lower back. I like Rodgers, but he’s been slipping a little bit lately. Dez Bryant is on fire and will only be stopped if every member of the Green Bay secondary is equipped with a fire extinguisher. DeMarco Murray can match Eddie Lacy. Both defenses are just decent. I like the ‘Boys.

5 Arizona @ 1 Seattle – Seattle just knows how to beat Arizona. The “12th Man” will be back to their former level of rowdiness and Marshawn Lynch is running pissed. Russell Wilson is dealing and Arizona doesn’t have a good QB. Sorry Cards -_-.

Conference Championships

6 Baltimore @ 2 Denver – I know everyone is saying it, but Peyton doesn’t have it anymore. If this game is played in cold weather, I’ll take Flacco and the boys every time. Torrey Smith seems to be back and I bet that Steve Smith will bring it in the playoffs. The Ravens can run now, and I think their defense is peaking. Denver’s D has proven to be vulnerable and I see the Ravens cashing in on that in a high scoring one.

3 Dallas @ 1 Seattle – Could Dallas possibly beat Seattle in “The Link” twice in one season? Nope. I hate to rain on the Dallas parade but Seattle is “so hot right now” in the words of Mugatu. I can’t stand rooting for Russell “Hustle and Bustle, Man Muscle” Wilson, but I have to now. I also dislike Richard Sherman very much. But I must set personal viewpoints aside. Seattle’s D is playing too well to lose. Seahawks go back to the ‘ship.

Super Bowl

Baltimore v Seattle – The Bird Bowl!!! Which flying creature will win? The one that Edgar Allen Poe was fond of, obviously.

Don’t really know exactly why I’m so high on the Ravens, but I truly believe (*Ron Jaworski voice*) that this year’s playoffs belong to Joe Flacco. Picture it: Steve Smith lights it up on the big stage, literally bites the head off of a live Seahawk as a post-game celebration, says something awesome again and retires in front of a nation. I can see it now.

But in all seriousness, I think the Ravens could move the ball on Seattle and I don’t think the Seahawks could go blow for blow. This may all sound absurd, but just know that I once called Kemba Walker’s UCONN team winning it all, and this as well. I also had Georgetown winning it all the year they lost to Dunk City in the first round and my first three fantasy picks this year were Adrian Peterson, Zac Stacy and Knowshon Moreno.

Basically, I know nothing. But sometimes everything. Merry Playoffs.



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