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Two Bros One Podcast – NFL Week 13 Preview

Click here to listen!

The boys are back after taking a week off for Thanksgiving. The podcast opens with reaction to the Thursday night Packers v Lions game. Big matchup for Conor’s Jets against the Giants. Osweiler gets another go at it, Bortles looks to redeem himself and Matt Hasslebeck is going to try to carry the Colts on his old back once again.

Questions answered this week – If you were Cam Newton, would you have accepted three million dollars cash from Jerry Jones to throw the Thanksgiving game? What should the Broncos do about the Osweiler-Manning situation? We also had some great listener questions – Jack Marcheschi asked how many pizza rolls could Andre Smith eat with a gun to his head? Danny Murphy asked what type of alcoholic drink JJ Watt, Andy Dalton and Jim Caldwell would all be, respectively. And Jack also asked about the UNC-Clemson Playoff scenario. Tune in for it all!

*Listener questions begin at the 48 minute mark

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