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Your Guide to Fake Super Bowl Prop Bets

super bowl pup.jpg

It’s that time of year again, the time when we can mortgage our futures on the color of Beyonce’s shoes. Here’s a list of prop bets that might not necessarily be on the board today, but could definitely hit. Enjoy.

O/U 2.5 times Jim Nantz references having a personal relationship with a white player’s family: +350

O/U 5.5 grammatical errors by Phil Simms: -160

O/U 2.5 awkward exchanges between Nantz and Mike Carey: +150

O/U 3.5 types of painkillers Peyton and Thomas Davis are on combined: +200

O/U 4.5 times Papa John has had some form of plastic surgery done: -180

Will someone be subliminally racist toward Ron Rivera?: Yes-450, No +700

Will Ron Rivera not get the respect he deserves because he’s Hispanic?: Yes-300, No+600

Will karma get Peyton once again resulting in a 20+ loss for Denver?: Yes+600, No-800

Will there be some subliminal satanic reference during the halftime show?: Yes-4,000, No+1,800

Will Mike Tolbert score AND rub his belly as a celebration?: Yes+1,200, No-4,500

Will Owen Daniels have his name mentioned more than four times?:  Yes+500, No -200

Will Peyton die on the field?:  Yes+5,000, No-25,000

Will Von Miller or Aqib Talib get a personal foul?: Yes -200, No+400

Will Derek Wolfe try to intentionally injure Cam?: Yes -700, No+1,300

Will Ted Ginn drop a pass?: Yes-300, No+450

Will CJ Anderson start finally running well in the 3rd quarter like always?: Yes+200, No even

Will Nantz and Simms openly root for Peyton and not address it when he throws ducks?: Yes-1,000, No+4,000

Will Draymond Green be at the game with Steph and attempt to steal the spotlight?: Yes-800, No+1,000

Will Peyton’s wife be at the game with HGH in her purse?: Yes-2,000, No+4,000

Did Peyton take HGH?: Yes-120,000, No+1,000,000

Will Jonathan Stewart deserve the MVP, but not get it: Yes+900, No-150

Will America’s racism be extremely evident when Cam and Rivera hold the trophy up together? Yes-2,000, No+8,000

Is it unethical that Nantz and Peyton have the same agent?: Yes-10,000, No+1B

Are John Elway and Pat Bowlen secretly into some really weird stuff?: Yes-400, No+800

Will Blue Ivy be shown wearing headphones?: Yes+500, No-300

Is Future a terrible rapper?: Yes-4,000, No+8,000

Will Lady Gaga be surprisingly normal seeming during the national anthem?: Yes+400, No-150

Will Cam cry tears of joy and Peyton sulk like a little girl at the end of the game?: Yes+200, No-450

Will Nantz reference knowing Luke Kuechly’s mom personally?: Yes-56,000, No+2m

In order to win, will the Panthers have to beat the refs too?: Yes-1,200, No+8,000


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