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March Madness is Minutes Away and I AM WIRED

pup march

You know how you hear those stories about five-year-old girls dead-lifting pickup trucks to save their little brothers? That’s how I feel right now. I just had some leftover blueberry crepes with way too much maple syrup and two cups of coffee, that plus the fact that March Madness is looming over my head makes me fear for my life. I hope my arteries can handle this.

This weekend is the best sports weekend (maybe weekend in general) of the year. It’s like watching the greatest movie of all-time for four straight days and never getting bored with the plot.

This year I’m pulling hard for Buffalo, Yale, Purdue, Maryland and Utah to ruin some days. The Utes are dangerous and they match up well with that entire region, Jakob Poeltl might be the best player in that part of the bracket. I also like Purdue to make a run and face off against Utah in the Elite 8, Poeltl vs A.J. Hammons down low would be one for the history books.

I’m in love with Buffalo because of the resiliency and clutch shot-making they showed in the MAC tourney, I think Miami is really good, but they’ve proven to be streaky and beatable all year.

I like Yale because smart teams always play well in the tourney. I think they got a perfect first round matchup against Baylor. It’s the super-athletic vs the tactical and I’ll take tactical every time (See Holy Cross v Southern last night). I actually have Yale making an Elite 8 run, even thought their point guard is suspended, in my most ballsy pick this year. Got ’em over Cincinnati in the Sweet Sixteen. Yale has all the intangibles, a team controversy, Ivy League doubters, great coach and real skill. (p.s. see ya Oregon, #HottestCollegeinAmerica).

I bought out the Maryland bandwagon and I’m giving away free tickets. Their roster is STACKED with Trimble, Sulaimon, Layman and Stone. I know Turgeon is a sketchy coach, but I’m looking at this team like the Cleveland Cavaliers. I think the regular season was just too boring for them and I like them to turn it on come tourney time. I expect Sulaimon to avenge his dismissal by Coach K and GO OFF this year. I have Maryland in the final game against UNC, losing.

That’s it, wanted to get this out before I head in to work for a late start today. Merry Christmas everyone.

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