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The Cavs Will Win the 2016 NBA Championship

Loyal #Puppies (meaning like 20 people, but hey, I appreciate the reads) out there probably realize that the blog has been rejuvenated lately. There’s been some very satirical content, that’s just an angle I like and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t inspired by Big Cat and PFTCommenter. However, I am dead serious about the Cavs winning it all this year, and I have been all season. I’m still trying to think about what I should do to put real consequences on this claim, if you have an idea let me know. Here’s a tweet that I sent out before the playoffs started:


Those of you who know me know that I was essentially fed hot takes for breakfast everyday since birth. My dad and my brothers watched A LOT of sports growing up and my dad ingrained a pretty unique way of looking at sports into my brain and now I’m stuck this way. Also, rooting for the Bengals since birth will do some strange things to a man’s life outlook. I firmly believe Peyton took HGH, I believe all the MJ conspiracies, I firmly believe Tiger was on steroids during his reign, I think David Stern fixed the draft when the Knicks got Ewing and when the Cavs got both Kyrie and Wiggins and I think this year’s past Super Bowl was fixed. There, it’s all off my chest (JK, there’s actually a lot more but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone).

So, here’s one of my latest hot takes: As soon as I saw the Warriors break the regular season wins record, I knew the Cavs were going to win it all. Here’s why: you can’t invest that much energy into the regular season and act that cocky without the universe fighting back. I essentially installed the brake lights on the Warriors hate bandwagon, the way they act with no consequences is unbelievable. Draymond’s cockiness actually infuriates me and I can’t wait to see both KD and maybe LeBron (if the Warriors get past OKC) absolutely wreck him. KD just hung so many buckets on Kawhi and Kawhi is way better than Draymond.

A lot of people are saying this now, but you know LeBron hates all the Steph Curry love. Angry LeBron is a great LeBron and I don’t think anyone can stop him, especially when K Love, JR and Kyrie are playing like they are. I don’t understand how people act like it doesn’t matter that the Cavs took the Warriors to six games WITHOUT KYRIE AND K LOVE last year. Delly legit shut down Steph for almost two full games. You know that’s lingering in Curry’s head. If they can sick Delly on Steph for like 15 minutes a game while Kyrie recharges, it’s over. A healthy Cavs team beats a healthy Warriors team in a seven game series 90% of the time.

I actually think Lue and the Cavs were playing possum all regular season, NBA fans know that LeBron has mastered taking it easy in the regular season while simultaneously looking amazing. Lue wasn’t showing his hand with how he’ll play Love. Playoff LeBron is the best basketball player on the planet. Playoff Kevin Love is better than Draymond. And playoff Kyrie is barely worse than Steph. Also, JR can answer Klay on most good days.

When the Warriors owner started saying that his franchise is “light years ahead” of every other organization on and off the court, that was another bad sign for them. That’s just an ignorant claim. I really dislike when people just don’t admit that a few cards on the river came out their way. There is a lot of luck involved with the Warriors success and they act like they orchestrated 100 percent of it. We are about to see what sore loser Draymond Green looks like and it’s going to be ugly. I’m doing rain dances in hopes that he gets tossed from a huge game and costs Golden State a series.

I rarely get this worked up about sports predictions, but I’m staking The Pup List’s reputation on this. I would love nothing more than the Cavs to douse lighter fluid all over this historic Warriors season and burn it to the ground, and I truly believe it will happen. If you disagree, let’s pay homage to Skip and #embracedebate in the comment section of Facebook or on Twitter.

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