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Don’t Look Now, But Post Malone is Back With Another Banger about a Classic NBA Shooting Guard

*Update: I guess this song is actually called “Monte” even thought Monta Ellis spells his name with an ‘A’? Ya never know with our boi Post.

Our boy Post is at it again, this time with “Monta” ft. Lil Yachty. Any song that starts out saying “I feel like Monta, biiitch I feel like Monta,” has me hooked right off the bat. Between Post and Lil Yachty (a very strange rapper with a hilarious song called Minnesota Remix out right now) there are so many NBA references in this song. It’s hysterical. Lil Yachty is actually weirdly good, he comes in at the end and murders, he’s like if the 100 emoji gained consciousness and started rapping.

Rondo reference? Check. Tyson Chandler reference? Check. Kyle Korver reference? Check. That’s about all I need: Rondo and Tyson are up there in my teen year NBA player rankings. Both were great in their primes. I genuinely feel like Post Malone makes these songs just for me. Monta is the NBA Heat Check Prince, in line for the thrown behind JR Smith. Watching him play basketball is never not fun, it’s like watching a game of 2K, but it’s real life.

If you grew up playing NBA video games and listening to Nelly like I did, this is the song for you. I know Post gets a lot of hate and absolutely sucks live, but I’m #TeamPost for life now. For your viewing pleasure, here’s a Monta Ellis mixtape. It only features early Monta, he’s a little more polished now, but he used to be like a very raw hybrid of Steph and Russ. Enjoy, the opening scene of this mixtape is pretty amazing.


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