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Sunday Pick Me Up: Stevie Franchise Breaking Ankles and Printing Posters


One of my childhood idols has been getting torn apart on social media for a while now, and I for one am fed up. The picture above is of Steve Francis, and yes, that is what he looks like now. Sure, it’s not the best looking pic ever, but I’m a firm believer that being photogenic is a real thing and not just an ugly person excuse.

I’m a ginger and most gingers probably believe in the idea of being photogenic, if we get caught in some bright fluorescent lighting, it’s game over. I legit look whiter than a snowman in fluorescent lighting. That’s why I avoid pics in any sports arena setting, convention center, or shitty apartment.

However, people forget that Steve Francis was on the cover of ESPN The Mag with Destiny’s Child in Beyonce’s prime. I’ll take that short moment with peak Destiny’s Child if it means being rich and ugly for the last half of my life any day. The Franchise was looking handsome on that cover.

steve francis

Also, aging is real. I respect Stevie Franchise for not getting any work done. Age with grace Steve, I love it. The Steve Francis pic saga has actually given me perspective about crying Jordan. Some people who grew up idolizing MJ hate the crying Jordan meme, and if it makes them feel like that pic of Steve makes me feel, I get it.

crying MJ

I’m writing this to remind anyone that rips on Francis to chill out. The man was a FREAKSHOW in his prime and his nickname of “Stevie Franchise” is up there. Enjoy the mixtape below while you shake off the Sunday Scaries. Stevie used to humble grown men on a pretty regular basis.




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