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And The Award For Most Likely To Have Murdered Someone Before The Game Goes To…

By Jeremiah Kiely


I’m ride or die when it comes to a few unspoken rules about attending professional sporting events. Never show up completely sober, never wear a glove or any actual sporting equipment, and do NOT, under any circumstance, paint your face. There are a few exceptions to the rule, like if you and some buddies want to paint your stomachs and spell out the word BONER so it appears of national television, be my guest. But to flat out paint your face like the man above… absolutely unacceptable, insane move.  Reminds me of Ohio State guy, who without question might be the biggest douchebag fan in all of sports.


The kicker to this is that this guy did it for Sunday Night Baseball, which is probably the most unwatched/boring broadcast out there. This man took…

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