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Announcement: Jeremiah Kiely joins The Pup List


The Decision…Bill Simmons signing with HBO…Google purchasing YouTube…Johnny Damon signing with the Yankees…Jeremiah Kiely joining The Pup List. All life changing announcements, but this may be the biggest.

Jerry was a fellow writer on The Purple Quill, our high school paper, and a fellow student at the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at OU for a while. He’s a Westside of Cincy Twitter legend even though he lives in Maryland now. I witnessed him create his first Twitter account in person in a freshman health class (his original name was @SexualJere).

I enjoy his sense of humor and we are trying to make The Pup List a fun place to check in everyday. He has his own site at, but I will be reblogging his posts to The Pup List whenever he writes. Everybody wins. He’ll also be hopping on some podcasts in the near future when I fire that back up.

I’ve already reblogged his thoughts on the Thunder’s win and I’ll reblog the rest of his work this afternoon. Enjoy! Exciting times at the PLB.

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  1. Very excited for the future of the PUP List with this signing. “@Jerryanytime” is one of the premiere Twitter accounts in the twittersphere. I’m horny just thinking about the magic that will ooze from his fingers.

    Cum Everywhere!


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