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Guy Rides His Bike On the Highway and This Surprisingly Doesn’t End Well

By Jeremiah Kiely


#Done with people thinking that their bicycles are on the same playing field as actual motorized vehicles. I cannot even begin to count how many times I’ve had some asshole on his bicycle just act like he’s one of the boys in front of me on the road. It’s infuriating.

Every time I point this out, there’s always that one person that’ll make sure to tell me that “it’s illegal to ride your bike on the sidewalk.” Get the fuck out of here. That’s one of those laws that exists, but absolutely no one follows it. Fireworks are illegal where I grew up in Ohio, but that didn’t stop my dad from lighting off M40’s and bottle rockets at the neighbors. A quick Google search will let you know that wrestling a bear is illegal in Alabama, yet I’m sure there are 11 dudes named Bobby Joe that get after…

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