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Random Dad Gets Driveway Stolen and Lives Peak Dad Life

By Jeremiah Kiely


AR-160519196.jpg&q=70&stamp=&maxw=726MANCHESTER — When Karen and Rick Wyman returned to their Highview Terrace home Wednesday afternoon, it didn’t take them long to notice something was missing.

After all, that something was their driveway.

“We pulled up, and it was just gone,” said Wyman. “My husband called the police and said, ‘My driveway’s been stolen.’”

Wyman said they noticed the driveway was missing as soon as they turned off Wellington Road onto Highview Terrace around 4:45 p.m. Wednesday, seeing only a large and wide swath of dirt where asphalt existed only hours before.

Manchester Police Officer Matt Mara responded, and helped determine a paving company, identified as American Asphalt of Hooksett, was scheduled to remove a driveway at a home next door to the Wymans.

“They had the wrong address,” said Wyman. “It was an honest mistake.” Wyman said she spoke with a representative of the company, who promised workers would be…

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