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The Bearcats’ Promo Video for the 5/3 Renovation HAS ME TORQUED

By: Alex Marcheschi

Let’s gooooooooooooooooooooo. You could play that Melvin Levett putback dunk on a loop all day and I’d run through a brick wall, chug lighter fluid and then breath flames onto the nearest XU fan on a daily basis.

Whoever put that video together needs a round of applause, I thought it was great and I can’t wait for the renovations. The Shoe is like the basement I grew up in, I love it with all my heart but there were bugs everywhere, it was dark, it was musty and it saw some wild times. It’s time for a fresh start.

But, as Adam Monk pointed out on Twitter, there was no Huggins in the video.


I think it’s time for the University to move past all the Huggins BS and just embrace the fact that he made us relevant again. Those teams were amazing and there’s no other way to put it. I love how much the video embraced The Big O, though. You can, feasibly, make the argument that he is the best basketball player of all time.

Also, let’s calm down with the whole “it’s not about the east side or the west side” thing. Yes it is. Everyone knows 80% of the east side are XU people and 80% of the west side are UC people. If anything, I’m for an Anchorman style prison rules fight in the streets.

If we’re going to be completely honest though, there are some serious PR stretches here. First of all, all the highlights are like 10-15 years old. Also, we don’t “reign” over the city right now, XU has been kicking our asses. We need a little something extra to turn the tide, and the renovation just might do it. Too bad we have to wait until 2018.




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