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Wait, Why is James Harrison Benching With a Bar Made Out of Jell-O?

I was just watching ESPN while I ate lunch and they were talking about how James Harrison wanted to video tape himself taking a drug test for the NFL. First of all, if there’s one steroid guy move, it’s wanting to video tape yourself taking a piss test. What is that even going to prove, that you can pee? Also, is he talking about like putting his piece out there for the world to see?

Everyone knows James Harrison has been on roids his whole career, they’re just the good kind that are undetectable. But that’s irrelevant, NFL players are all on magic potions that don’t show up on drug tests.

What really caught my eye was how ESPN just showed Harrison benching with this Play-Doh bar? What is even happening here? Why is it so jiggly? I don’t necessarily live in the weight room, so maybe I’m off here but I’ve never seen anything like this.

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