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More Breaking News: Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Bubba Baas is Joining The PUP List

By: Alex Marcheschi

bubba baas

Bubba Baas in his prime, representing his country well with shredded triceps.

In what TIME Magazine is calling “the media acquisition of the summer,” Bubba Baas is joining The PUP List as the ultimate utility player. “He can do it all,” current Nationals manager Dusty Baker said, flaunting his signature toothpick. “Bubba is a special talent that only comes around once every decade or so.”

And Dusty couldn’t be more correct, Bubba brings a smorgasbord to the table. I was lucky enough to go to college with some legitimately hilarious and talented people and I’m very excited to get this going. So, you may be asking, what exactly can he do for me?

You need someone to shred the gnar and take over YouTube? Bubba is your guy.

You need someone to go on a guerilla marketing campaign and find his way on to the pages on three different media publications? Bubba is your guy.

bubba mag

bubba paper

bubba paper 2.png

You need someone to start off your video with an ELECTRIC intro? Bubba is your guy.

The point is, Bubba is a genuinely hilarious guy and we’re very excited to have him aboard. He’s a successful, promising young business man with a steady job, but he has generously offered to give us some content whenever he can.

We’re not really sure what he’ll be doing yet, he may write some blogs, he may do some podcasts with Joe, maybe some videos…the possibilities are endless. He’ll be our connect to Cleveland as he lives in RGIII territory now, but his grass roots are in Cincy. As a hardcore Reds fan, Bubba is said to have modeled his life around the career of Dmitri Young.


I recently decided to start taking The PUP List seriously and I’m very grateful for my old pals Jerry, Joe and Bubba for helping me out. I think we can make some great stuff. There may be more news in the future, so stay tuned!

I’m going to give the website a fresh look this weekend and get the Twitter going, follow us @ThePUPListBlog if you feel like it! We appreciate all the readers and we’re looking forward to giving you a great site to check every day!


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