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BREAKING: Danny Murphy Joins The PUP List as Chief Nightlife Correspondent, Social Media Authority and Casual Banter Expert

danny murphy hahaha

Murphy with his reading glasses still on after a long day reading Hemmingway classics, ready to get the evening started with a cig and a Natty in his usual attire: a full Elder Basketball warm-up.

By: Alex Marcheschi

In what Rolling Stone has deemed “the most high risk/high reward media acquisition since ESPN hired Ray Lewis,” Danny Murphy has agreed to terms with The PUP List as Chief Nightlife Correspondent, Social Media Authority and Casual Banter Expert. Those who know Murphy know that he is deeply immersed in the social scene as he has friends in nearly every corner of the earth. There’s been a seismic change in his surroundings recently though, as he no longer lives in Athens, but is back home in Cincy.

His Twitter bio currently reads, “Retired college kid. Real life beginner.” And that sums it up well. He is known for his “Photo Hunt” level of expertise and he holds many records at various bars on Court St. in Athens, Ohio.

danny photo hunt.png

He tackles life with the precision of a surgeon and the charm of a royal prince. Don’t be fooled, Murphy aced his SATs and is rumored to be unreal at Words with Friends, even to this day. Some reports say that he turned down an opportunity to become a Rhodes Scholar so that he could join us.

danny doctor

His love for his alma mater knows no bounds. Very few people, other than maybe our own Bubba Baas, are as intimately “one with Athens.” His blood, sweat and tears are literally in the Court Street bricks. It will be tough for Danny to get through his Athens withdrawals, but he is willing to include us on his journey.

danny ou jersey

The reality is that Danny is an extremely creative guy with a philosophical outlook on life. We’re not quite sure what he’ll be doing, right now it seems like a podcast with Bubba for sure, but there’s no doubt whatever else he does will be great. A very wise female Colombian singer once said, “I’m on tonight, you know my hips don’t lie and I’m starting to feel it’s right.” And to that, Murphy simply replies, “same.”


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