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Don’t Look Now, But The PUP List has an FC Cincinnati Guy

fc cincy

Soccer. Ever heard of it? 

It’s the new craze sweeping Cincinnati. Can’t walk 10 feet in OTR without spotting someone rocking some FC Cincinnati gear (or someone with an elaborate mustache). Is this what the British Invasion was like? Will there be a Yoko Ono to our beloved FC Cincinnati team? Let’s hope not, but if there is, we have a man to cover it. They’re legitimately packing The Nip and we don’t wanna miss out on that. Nick Boeing is going to be our inhouse #SoccerGuy. And like I said earlier, he’s going to blog in his free time about Bearcat Football and other random sports stories. What he gave me today will serve as his intro. P.S. This isn’t even the acquisition I’ve been hyping up, just a little extra sprinkles. 


By: Nick Boeing 

Damn. This shit got tears in my eyes. The soft piano was a nice touch.

In case you haven’t noticed, FC Cincinnati has taken over Southwest Ohio. This isn’t just some expansion team flopping around without a clue like Charles Barkley in a Planet Fitness. The team’s actually really good and attendance has been through the roof, out doing MLS teams in that department. Right now, you’re better off at an FC game than a Reds game. They’re at home this Saturday, go and I’ll buy you a beer.


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