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Le’Veon Bell Still Thinks the Bengals Were Out to Hurt Him…Uhh Yeah, Duh


By: Alex Marcheschi

So the Steelers started OTAs today and Le’Veon Bell didn’t participate in 11-on-11 drills, which shouldn’t be news, but he made it news. In fact, if I owned an NFL team, I’d give my star players lawn chairs and Coronas during OTAs. Maybe even a few limes. You earned it boys, thanks for the billion dollars that I made off you, here’s $10 mill…non-guaranteed.

OTAs, training camp, the preseason…it’s all worthless for the star vets. We’ve seen 4-0 teams suck and 0-4 teams dominate in the regular season. I’d rather have a healthy cold guy than an injured guy every time.

Anyway, Le’Veon Bell can’t get the Bengals out of his head, and I can’t blame him. I’d be so scared to play against Cincy as a skill position player, the defense literally tries to murder people.

When asked if he thought Burfict was trying to injure him on purpose last season, Bell said, “I don’t think it was just (Burfict); it was like the whole team was really out there trying to like twist my ankles and do little dirty stuff between the piles,” Bell said.

So basically he answered the question of, “Do you think Burfict was trying to injure you on purpose?” with “Yes, and so were the other 10 guys on the field.”


Why are people shocked by this? You ever heard of a team called the Bengals?  Heard of a guy named Mike Brown? We like to sign good players on the cheap cheap after they get arrested. Life hack. At any given moment there are at least two former criminals on the field at Paul Brown Stadium and they definitely don’t care about your ligaments. Gotta put bread on the table. But in all honesty, I don’t even know if Vontaze was actually trying to injure Bell on the play above, and if he was, that was efficient as hell. Like an crocodile death roll. (Please watch the video below, it’s unbelievable…this dude just kneels in front of a croc and slaps it in the nose like 8 times and then is surprised by the result.)

The Bengals v Steelers games coming up next season are going to be must see TV. Vince Williams is already on record saying that he wants to kill Burfict:

Who Dey. ‘Taze ain’t scared…bitch.



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