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Serious Question: Is Cameron Payne the Most Important Player on the Thunder?


Cameron Payne

By: Alex Marcheschi

OK, hear me out, before the Thunder drafted Cameron Payne, they were the most uptight team in the league. They were known for choking in the lime light, but now they literally dance on the graves of their opponents. I think it’s all because of Cameron Payne’s #millenial attitude, dancing skills and chill-ness. It’s definitely positively affecting Russ, to say the least.

The video above was taken BEFORE game 4 of the Warriors series. (Please notice Serge getting DOWN at the beginning in the background and at the end). Safe to say OKC was loose. I genuinely think Cameron Payne’s attitude has helped the Thunder relax A LOT. The kid simply has IT, I don’t know what IT is, but he has IT. He actually had the whole team super loose, dancing in the hallway before their biggest game in a long time. Impressive. If I was an NBA player, I’d like to think I’d be him. Can’t contribute much on the court, but I’ll dance and talk shit all day.

Am I crazy to think that Payne could potentially be the magical piece of the puzzle that leads OKC to the title and keeps both KD and Russ in OKC? If they get a ‘ship here and dance all over America, I can’t see either KD or Russ ever leaving. LeBron has been able to keep James Jones around for like 4 years too long just because they’re boys…Payne has a shot to be the James Jones of the Thunder. (JK, he actually has potential to be really good, but right now he’s killing it as a backup dancer). Honestly though, he might be the best dancer I’ve ever seen.

PS, as a Cavs fan, the Thunder are scaring the shit out of me.

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