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UC Lands an OSU Transfer in What Can Only be Seen as the Rise of an Empire

By: Nick Boeing

*Nick reached out to me and offered to write about Bearcats football, random sports news and FC Cincinnati Soccer. He studied journalism at UC and we’re pumped to have him on board as a contributor. Here’s his first blog.


The University of Cincinnati football program has landed former Ohio State offensive tackle Grant Schmidt as a transfer, UC sources confirmed Monday.

The 6-foot-6, 300-pound Schmidt redshirted as a freshman this past season at OSU. At UC, Schmidt will sit out the 2016 season and become eligible in 2017, with three years of eligibility remaining.

Schmidt is from Roosevelt High School in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. While in high school, Schmidt was ranked the No. 1 player in South Dakota, the No. 52 offensive tackle overall and No. 468 overall in his class by, which also rated Schmidt a three-star recruit.

Schmidt left the Ohio State program earlier this month.

And so it begins. The waterfall I’ve been waiting for for years and years is starting to slowly drip over the edge of the cliff on the OSU-UC border. All it takes is one little drop of heralded South Dakota lineman Grant Schmidt and UC is gonna start to overflow with confidence. Sure, he was like the 50th best recruit in the nation, but he was #1 in South Dakota and what the hell else is there to do there than become really good at football? Nothing. I don’t know from experience, but I’d imagine Mt. Rushmore gets boring after about 5 minutes.

OSU has claimed dominance in Ohio since, precisely, 7910 BC, but once it loses just one guy to the Bearcats, game over. The foundation is crumbling under all the pressure Urban Meyer can’t handle. Your taint has been exposed and now everyone’s lining up to punch it. You have to do everything in your power to keep any transferring athlete from heading down 71 South to the Queen City, and the bUCkeyes just shit the bed on that.

Really though, this kid is about to have it made. Any guy that comes from OSU (or any power conference) to UC is gonna be swimming in it at Uncle Woody’s every fishbowl Friday. You automatically go from shitty to pretty with this kinda change of scenery. A third-stringer in Columbus is a pack-leading alpha male in Cincinnati. This guy is gonna lead the nation with 274 pancake blocks in 2017 after his redshirt year, book it.

You go from a nut in a big tree:


To king of the tree:


And you go from blocking for a Heisman candidate in JT Barrett to basically what equates to a poor, poor man’s Carson Wentz in Gunner Kiel:


Now, you’re on the path to greatness.


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