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Which Duo Would You Rather Have for the Next 5 Years: KD & Russ or Steph & Klay?

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By: The PUP List Staff

Here’s the scenario: you own an NBA team and a basketball god comes to you in a dream and says: “I’ll give you either the duo of Durant & Russ or the duo of Steph & Klay over the next five years, which duo do you want?” You have to take everything into account, except salary.

My answer is KD & Russ, it feels like an easy answer, but some believe Steph is such a great shooter that he’s a trump card in the argument. I’ll walk you through the logic behind my answer below. Feel free to comment with your own answers, the comment button is underneath the headline for some reason.

Kevin Durant is truly one of a kind, I don’t think there will ever be anyone like him again. 

It’s gonna be a while before the next KD walks through those doors. Throughout his career he’s been listed as anywhere between 6’9″ and 7″. Here’s barely shorter than Dwight, but he plays like a shooting guard.

kd dwight

Obviously Steph and Klay’s ability to knock down from anywhere inside the half-court line is special, but KD has like eight inches on Steph and four inches on Klay. He can dribble like a shooting guard too, sometimes it looks like he has the ball on a yo-yo string. Right now there are thousands of small kids practicing half court shots trying to become the next Steph, but as the old saying goes, you can’t teach height. KD’s skills combined with his physical attributes are like the prototype for a legendary NBA player. His height alone is a big factor in this question, to me. I also believe that KD could hang with either of the Splash Bros in a three point shooting contest.

Russell Westbrook is a point guard built like a strong safety, injuries barely phase him

russ haha

Don’t get me wrong, Russ has had his fair share of injuries, but he always heals from them 100% and comes back seemingly stronger. You can’t say the same about Steph. Something is definitely still wrong with him right now, and early on in his career, his ankle was a real concern. The season Steph just had might be the best one ever, but if you’re asking me which point guard I’d rather have for the next five years, my answer is Russ, based on his athleticism, drive and durability. We saw D Rose fly to close to the sun with his wild play, and I’ve always been scared it will happen to Russ, but he’s built like a tank and he’s fearless. *knocks on wood*


The Thunder Duo Downfall: Westbrook can be an irrational ball hog

There’s no denying that Westbrook can be a ball-hog and completely throw off the entire OKC offense from time to time, but it’s out of passion. He’s like a mini, super-athletic Kobe when it comes to his approach to the game, and I love it. The occasional ball hog Russ is just what you sign up for with him on your team, you have to believe the positives heavily outweigh the negatives. Steph and Klay seemed to be telepathically communicating throughout the season, but it’s just been different since Steph got hurt and I don’t always trust Klay’s motivation.

Overall, KD & Russ’ talents combined are greater than Steph & Klay’s combined

Combined, Steph and Klay are definitely the best shooting duo of all time. There’s no arguing that. Steph is an amazing passer and Klay is one of the best perimeter defenders in the league. However, KD is a great shooter too and Russ can hit when he needs to. Both of their defensive skills are underrated, Durant can essentially guard any position on the floor and Russ wills himself to snag rebounds even at 6’3″. When you consider all-around game, I think KD and Russ’ ability to rebound and stretch the floor, on top of the ability to score at will, gives them the edge. It’s pretty wild to think that they’re more valuable than the best shooting tandem ever, but they are.

Here are answers from some of the guys:

Bubba: That’s tough. The way KD and Westbrook are playing right now, and when they click, I would take KD and Westbrook. But I feel like Steph and Klay throughout the season had more games were they just blew it out of the water. I also HATE the Warriors, Curry and Thompson. So in my own biased opinion, I would take Westbrook and Durant. Westbrook is like a fiesty little chihuahua. I love that.

Gunn: KD and Russ…KD is way better than Klay, and a more likable player and he never did that photoshoot where Klay looks like a white black guy. Russ can compare to Steph but the way Russ plays the game of basketball so aggressively makes me love him, he was on the deck 15 times last night getting the 50/50 balls when he’s up 2-1. Steph was no where to be found in Russ’s biggest game.


Ralph: Is Russell Westbrook still a ball hog? Since I ditched cable at the end of 2015, I haven’t watched SportsCenter AKA the Warriors circle jerk network. All I remember is dominating the freshman dorms with Durant on NBA 2k12, so I’d probably pick Durant outta love for his video game swagger.

JerryAnytime: I’m 1000% biased so not sure my opinion would hold actual value. KD and Russ are both 27, just now reaching their primes, and are basically brothers. I’d take that any day of the week. If there is one team to rattle off 3 win a row though, it’s GSW. I’m still terrified even though the Thunder are up 3-1.

Looks like The PUP List is all over the OKC guys


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