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Capt. Pat’s Essential Summertime Playlist

By: Capt. Pat

Memorial Day is fast approaching and that means the beginning of summer. Summer brings swamp-ass,sunburns and barbecues. But, we all know good music is key to any summer activity.  So here are Capt Pat’s Essentials to any Summertime Playlist. In no particular order.

Racing in the Street – Bruce Springsteen

Soft and slow, it encapsulates everything summer is about: hanging out with the boys, cruising the streets and chasing girls. I love Bruce, Our Red-Headed Leader hates him. I still feel its my duty to bring the Gospel according to Bruce to the masses so you’ll be hearing from Mr. Springsteen from time to time until I get fired.

No Woman, No Cry – Bob Marley and The Wailers

Pretty much the perfect song. Not much to say, just listen.

Any Jimmy Buffet Song

Jimmy Buffet perfectly personifies Summer. He  regularly sings about drinking, beaches and parties. If reincarnation is real I want to come back as Jimmy Buffet. Everyone knows his hits but  I prefer A Pirate Looks at Forty or Tin Cup Chalice.

Glad Tidings – Van Morrison

By the Sea I will Stay Forever – Mermen

1,000 Julys – Third Eye Blind

Island In The Sun – Weezer

Steal My Sunshine – Len

The one hit wonder takes us back to the Summer of 1999.

Dock of the Bay – Otis Redding 

Raging – Kygo

Just getting into Kygo. Really like his sound, its laid back with a beach/island feel to it. Sounds like he samples the Donkey Kong Soundtrack and thats not a bad thing.

Moondance – Van Morrison

Doubling down on Van because he is awesome.

Summertime – DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince 

Possibly the best named duo in the history of the universe. This about as hardcore rap as I get.  A look back at what Will Smith was doing before making shitty movies with his intolerable son.

Doin’ Time – Sublime

This song reminds me of Summer for two reasons. 1 obviously the refrain. 2 this song was on the Soundtrack of Dave Mirra’s BMX 2. Which I spent a lot of my childhood summers playing. RIP Dave Mirra.

Flying Horses – Dispatch

2 AM – Slightly Stoopid

Hard Sun – Eddie Vedder

Honky Tonk Woman – The Rolling Stones

Should’ve Been a Cowboy – Toby Keith

American Baby – Dave Matthews Band 

Dog Days are Over – Florence + The Machine

Love me some Florence she makes the list as the only female vocalist. Guess I’m a sexist.


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