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Apparently We All Should Have Been Watching The Spelling Bee Last Night Because It Was A Party

By: JerryAnytime

(CNN) — It was the third straight year of double winners at the 2016 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Nihar Janga, 11, of Austin, Texas, and Jairam Hathwar, 13, of Corning, New York, were declared co-champions at the National Spelling Bee on Thursday.

“It was just insane, I don’t even know how to put it in words,” Jairam said.

“I’m just speechless. I can’t say anything. I’m only in fifth grade,” Nihar said.

Nihar correctly spelled the word “gesellschaft” and Jairam correctly spelled the word “Feldenkrais.” It’s all in the family for Jairam. His brother Sriram won the 2014 spelling championship.

Who says that athletes can’t have fun on the field anymore? These kids were out there for 7 hours straight spelling words that I didn’t even know existed. Props to them. The only things I can do for 7 consecutive hours are sit down and refresh Twitter.

Jealousy would not even begin to describe the way I feel about these kids getting to do the running man on national television. My 13 year old self would have probably murdered someone to get to dance on television.

But it didn’t end there.

Holy. Shit. That is some of the nerdiest dabbing of all time. You know every single one of these kids’ parents are at the event like “I TOLD HIM NOT TO FUCKING DAB!” But that’s the thing with teenage rebellion, man, you feel compelled to do it anyway.

I always thought I was halfway decent at spelling, but I’ll never forget the word that knocked me out in 8th grade during our school Spelling Bee. I got up to the mic, and the teacher/judge looked me in the eyes and said “Fiery.” Even at the ripe young age of 13 I thought, “God damnit. They gave me, the red head kid, the word fiery, and I don’t even know how to fucking spell it.” That was the beginning and end of my short lived, but illustrious spelling career.

Even the spelling bee Twitter account decided to join in on the party.

Laugh out loud funny stuff here. Can’t come chirping at the Spelling Bee Twitter account and not expect to get your shit destroyed if you misspell a word. That guy just got shattered into oblivion, he ceases to exist.

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