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My Boi Meek Ain’t Scurred of Drake: His New “All The Way Up” Remix with Fabo is Fiiiiire

By: Alex Marcheschi

If you told me I was gonna wake up to an “All The Way Up” Meek remix with Fabo this morning I would’ve called you Santa Claus. If you told me that this remix would contain shoutouts to Dion Waiters, Russell Westbrook and Montez from Workaholics, I would’ve wept at your feet.

His “only rapper that went gold without a verse from HOV,” “views from the projects,” and “this is hip hop, you ain’t write it, don’t record it, I don’t know how they gettin’ down across the border” lines are clearly shots at Drake. There are definitely more than that, just couldn’t put the time in to research it. I was just talking yesterday about how unreal this beat is, but the fact that it was ruined by French Montana and his crew sucked. Meek must’ve heard me.

Good Lord is it a good Friday. Hopefully I don’t destroy my ear drums listening to this this weekend. Honestly, we can all learn from Meek, if life punks you don’t be afraid to fight back.

P.S. Here’s a link to the rap genius page for the song, I definitely missed some Drake shots –>Β


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