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Wake Up With A Montage of Kyle Rudolph Ballin’ for Elder Basketball

By: Alex Marcheschi

For those of you who didn’t get to see Kyle Rudolph’s Elder Basketball team, I genuinely feel bad for you. One time The Pit was packed to the gills to see Elder play Moeller during his prime, there was steam on the windows and you couldn’t even hear yourself think. Jim Tressel led the pep rally before the game and he stuck around and watched the game with Kirk Herbstreit. Elder won in dramatic fashion. The cheering section used to get rowdy to “We Fly High” by Jim Jones and watch Rudy cram on unsuspecting victims. The Golden Era of Elder Basketball for our generation.

Some of the best live basketball I’ve ever watched happened when Rudy was lacing up the sneaks for the Panthers. Legendary squad with Rudy, Nick Holmes, Danny Beck, Kevin Johnson, Johny Bovard, Paul Ratterman, Josh Jones and everyone else. Apologies to whoever I forgot, leave names in the comments if you’d like. It’s hard to believe Elder will ever have a better big man combo than Rudolph and Nick Holmes, who went on to play college ball for Bellarmine. Here are all the videos I could find of Rudy playing basketball for Elder, no doubt he could’ve gone primetime D1 and dominated in hoops.






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