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Even More Evidence that Delly is The GOAT: He Blesses Strangers’ Marriages

By: Alex Marcheschi

jess snap

Snapchat message from my friend Jess from OU (#RollBobbies)

First of all, shoutout to my girl Jess for giving me this classic story about Delly posted above. She ran into him and Bron last night in Downtown Cleveland and had this gem of an interaction. This is why I love Delly, I mean who just blesses the marriages of strangers? I’ll tell you who, an amazing soul who plays defense like his life depends on it, because it does. Delly knows that in order to keep an NBA job he has go go balls deep 24/7. You have to respect that, have to. Just three days ago I wrote about how much I love Delly here. The defense he plays in the video below is absolutely hilarious.

Many thanks are in order to Jess, PFT Commenter and Pablo Torres from ESPN for retweeting this. Pageview city.

delly tweeets


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