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The Cincinnati Gorilla Murder: Latest in Recent String of Cincinnati Tragedies


Location: CINCINNATI, 5/29/16 6:29 p.m.

Today brought the news of the murder of beloved Cincinnati Gorilla Harambe. This is just the latest in a recent, long and tortuous list of Cincinnati tragedies, the most recent before today’s news occurring on March 20, 2016 when Bronson Koenig ripped the heart out of thousands of Muskies fan’s chest. Then there was the tragedy of Nick Lachey deciding to open up a bar in OTR and really embrace being from Cincinnati because it’s his last money grab. We walked up and down the streets taking the city’s temperature, this quote below from a Cincinnatian who asked to remain anonymous sums the city’s feelings up well:

“I really didn’t think it could get any shitter after Hill’s fumble, the UCONN Buzzer Beater, Octavius’ #tipgate, Koenig’s dagger and Lachey opening up one giant Toolshed in OTR,” she said. “But at least Eifert got hurt in the Pro Bowl, because that make’s a lot of sense. More time to heal.”


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