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A Guest Writer Attempts to Defend Draymond: “Dear PUP List, Draymond Green Does Not Deserve Your Hate”

dray bitch

Is it possible to actually like Draymond Green? Guest writer Jack McLoone will attempt to change our minds

By: Jack McLoone (@jfmclooney)

*Disclaimer: Jack is the cousin of PUP List employee Conor Ralph. He just finished his freshman year at Fordham’s journalism school and he’s full of fire takes. He asked to attempt to defend Draymond, we obliged. Key word there was “attempt.”

There are plenty of people I hate in the sports world, chief among them Eli Manning, Phil Coke, and James Harden. But The Pup List reserves most of their hate for one dude, and that I don’t get: Draymond Green.

First off, this dude is a white slot receiver without being a white slot receiver. He takes his low draft position as an insult (and knows the names of everyone drafted above him (in order!), he’s #gritty, is borderline (see: most definitely) a dirty player, is undersized (when he plays the 5 in the small ball lineup) and is a third fiddle to a potent offense that would fall flat without him.

C’mon Pup List.

Draymond Green is the only player I can think of that would intentionally make a flailing leg kick look unintentional and inevitably catch someone in the cajones. That’s a #gritty player.

That player he kicked in the cajones was Steven Adams, who looks like if a serial killer, the silent movie villain that ties women to train tracks, and Shawn Bradley had a child. You don’t mess with that guy. And then Draymond continued to be chippy with him the entire series, culminating in him DDT’ing himself in an attempt to drag Adams to the ground by the arm.

Draymond wanted to fight Adams so bad that he was willing to use what is often a knockout blow in the WWE to try and start shit. That’s commitment.

Draymond Green plays defense against everyone like every old player wants people to play Steph: in your face, super physical, “get that weak shit outta here” type defense. He’s chippy, will grab you when the refs aren’t looking, and is pseudo-dirty. To go back to wrestling, he’s the perfect heel.

On top of all of that, the dude is an old-school enforcer. Every pick he sets sends a message of “stay at least 5 feet away from the Splash Brothers or I will punch you and your mom”.

Oh, Draymond is also a real good basketball player. He hit what seemed to be the dagger three of Game 7, though Durant kicked his attempts to save his marriage with Westbrook into “What about the kids?” mode and pulled it back to within two possessions.

Yes, he’s pretty prone to turnovers and fouls. But he’s also aggressive as hell, plays good basketball, and will at least try to destroy everyone in his path to back-to-back championships. The Warriors are the most fun team in the NBA, and Draymond and his out-of-control insanity and drive are a major part of that.

Pup List, this guy embodies everything you love, yet you hate him. There is still one more series for you to atone for you sins in the wet threes of Golden State. See the error of your ways and do so.

*Feel free to shred Jack in the comments if you disagree…comment button under headline

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