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In-House Thunder Fanboy JerryAnytime is Not Having a Good Day

durant crying

By: JerryAnytime

I am physically in pain. Mostly because of dumb ass free shots of Grand Marnier and trying to carry my mattress up three flights of stairs yesterday, but real pain nonetheless.

Let me get a little hate out of my heart: Fuck Steph Curry, Fuck the entire state of California (especially Oakland), and fuck Reggie Jackson.

I feel for Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, for the entire Thunder organization. I would rather lose by 1,000 points in a 4 game sweep than have what happened to the boys over the course of the last week.

I can’t say that I didn’t call that shit multiple times. Once the Warriors start hitting 3’s NBA Street Volume 2 Gamebreaker style, it’s over.

May 17th

Now, I know it’s only Game 1. The Warriors could easily come back and win 4 straight and this blog will relay the tale of a sad and disillusioned man. But one has to think… if the Warriors lose their fast paced, in your face, clutch 3’s from the logo style that puts teams away… what else do they really have? They were throwing up more bricks last night in the second half than a construction company, while Westbrook went full murder mode for the entire 3rd quarter. Whatever, I’ll take it, on to Game 2.

May 25th

JerryAnytime: I’m 1000% biased so not sure my opinion would hold actual value. KD and Russ are both 27, just now reaching their primes, and are basically brothers. I’d take that any day of the week. If there is one team to rattle off 3 wins a row though, it’s GSW. I’m still terrified even though the Thunder are up 3-1.

May 31

I hope Durant doesn’t leave OKC, but I cannot see a situation right now where he does not. Every facet on life works this way: you get tired of one scene and want something new, so you go somewhere else. The atmosphere and vibe in OKC has become stale. They will never live this series down. Hypothetically, if Durant were to stay, every playoff game he EVER plays in at OKC will be compared to this series vs GS.

I’m officially numb to losses. I’ve realized that no team I ever cheer for will win anything, and at this point it’s just a running joke. I might sacrifice a goat or some shit so maybe one of my teams will win an important playoff game/series.

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