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Jay-Z & Pusha T Released a New Song and HOV went H•A•M

By: Alex Marcheschi

Drug Dealers Anonymous – Pusha T x Jay Z

Nice to see Jay coming off the DL and just crushing a grand slam Big Papi style like this. Still got it. I think this song was definitely the result of all the shit he took for #Lemonade.

“Oh, you guys think my wife just #killed me huh? Guess what I simultaneously run a drug empire and make a Damn Daniel reference. Also Bey released all of her music on my streaming service and now people want another album. $$$. Google me, bruh.” – Jay

Picturing HOV sitting down and writing,”damn Daniel, FBI keep bringing them all white vans through” is absolutely hilarious. That’s an amazing line, glad to see Jay is three months late on his viral #content awareness, expect nothing less.

p.s. I’m gonna answer so many questions with “Type it in, Google’s your friend, bruh.” HOV still the #GOAT.

double p.s. Pusha T is definitely the realest dude out there, he’s truly never sold out


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