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Let’s Be Honest: The Selfie Statue in Sugar Land, TX is a Perfect Sign of the Times

selfie statue.png

By JerryAnytime

Journal News — SUGAR LAND, Texas — A statue that was recently erected in front of a Texas city’s town hall is receiving lots of criticism from the town’s citizens.

The new statue in Sugar Land, Texas, features two smiling women snapping a selfie on a cellphone.

Many people in Sugar Land immediately began complaining about the misuse of taxpayers’ money, saying the statue was inappropriate.

But according to documents from the town, the statue was donated by resident Sandy Levin.

The statue was one of 10 in a collection of pieces that will be located at Sugar Land Memorial Park, Oyster Creek Park and a local fire station.

“There was no objection to the donation and proposed location so the project progressed,” city documents read.

Another statue in the area is of a man playing a guitar.

“The sculptures will be of people representing activities that occur in the Square,” the documents said. The new statues are “in continuation with the continued vision of the City and the Legacy Foundation’s commitment to establish cultural arts amenities that ‘provide and/or support activities and facilities that enrich the artistic, cultural, educational and historical character of Sugar Land.'”

That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for basic bitches everywhere.

Selfies are part of our daily life. Nothing screams give me attention more than #SelfieSunday on Instagram and a bunch of inspirational quotes, but this is the world we live in. I definitely feel like the meme below after typing that sentence.

haha simpsons.jpg

Whether we want to admit it or not, we all take selfies. We probably take an embarrassing amount of them too. We’ve all had the day where our hair is looking look, we got a new shirt that’s on point, and we’ve drank just enough beer that we’ve convinced ourselves that we’re relatively attractive. You snap a few pics, forget about it, and then your friend sees the photos on your camera roll and you get roasted for a week. That’s life.

To be honest, I actually like this statue. Fuck a statue of an old dude riding a horse or some important historical figure; give me just random statues of people taking selfies. Maybe even a statue of someone on the toilet. The reason people in Texas don’t like this statue is because it’s in Texas. The only thing those people like are ranches and guns.

You know how many people knew that Sugar Land, Texas existed before this article broke? 83,860 people, and that’s because that is the actual population of Sugar Land. You have to take free publicity where you can get it. This is decent exposure for a small town, and they didn’t even have to have a serial killer run rampant or a power plant blow up. Build yourself a little selfie statue and then boom, you have a little millennial influx on your hands.

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