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Dear Cincinnati, It’s Time to Unite and Hate Vince Williams Together

By: Alex Marcheschi

Some of you may be asking, “wait who even is Vince Williams?” The answer to that question is, “exactly.”

But, to actually explain, Vince Williams is the Steelers linebacker who tweeted he was going to kill Vontaze Burfict after Burfict injured Le’veon Bell.

vince williams tweet.png

It made a decent amount of news, but nothing too crazy. I thought it should have been a bigger deal, I mean, he seemed pretty serious about shooting Burfict if he ever saw him in Miami. However, as all good Cincinnatians do, Burfict clapped back. In fact, he walked right up to the thermostat and turned the heat up to a boiling temp.

I love it because you know Vontaze is dead serious. We’ve all seen how he plays, it’s amazing to watch. Also, his Twitter avi is him chillin’ with Conor McGregor, so that tells you all you need to know.


Two Elite Savages

I was ready to keep my hate for Williams in my heart and only express it two (maybe three) Sundays a year. But nope, Williams won’t allow me to do that. Yesterday he made fun of our very own #Harambe. That’s really unfair, that’s my gorilla *T.O. voice*.

vince gorilla tweet

Two Elite Savages

In conclusion, I was pretty pissed about him threatening to kill ‘Taze, but when he came after our boy Harambe (RIP in peace) I was livid. He’s now public enemy number one in my book, just in front of Yadier Molina, Big Ben, Hines Ward and any given legendary UC/XU basketball star (depending on who you root for). Can’t make fun of one of our own Vince, especially right after they get murdered, too soon.

As a result, we made this:

burfict realty hahaha

It’s very clear that Vontaze has Williams extremely shook/rattled. Please share the Burfict Realty graphic wherever you please. Cincinnatians, stand up, we can’t let ourselves get bullied like this. #RIPHarambe #RIPVinceWilliams



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