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Trustworthy Guy Advice: 3 Basic Tips for Being an Impressive Person

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By: Trustworthy Guy miggy avi

Three basic tips for being an impressive person, listen up folks:

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Numero Uno:

Talk 90% of the time, and listen 10%.  The more you talk, the more impressive you appear to people.  Disclaimer: if you just read that sentence and said to yourself “good point,” you’re an idiot.  No, STFU as much as possible!  The less you talk, and the more you listen, the more impressive you will be.  Quick rule of thumb, if what you’re about to say isn’t awesome, don’t say it.  That simple rule should get you talking less and listening more in no time.

listen gif.gif

Numero Dos:

Find a way to genuinely believe that you are the shit.  Now this is a tricky one, humility is key here.  A true bad-ass doesn’t walk around telling people he’s an OG, you just feel it.  I hate the word swagger, but truth is, swagger is exactly what I’m talking about here.  If you believe that you’re the fucking man (or lady) so will everyone else.  Disclaimer: some may find more success with this one than others, expect results to vary.

swag gif.gif

Numero Tres:

Refer to yourself in third person as much as humanly possible.  At first, this will feel very strange, but keep going and it will become natural.  I’m fucking kidding, that would be so dumb.  No, third and most importantly, follow your heart and have conviction in everything you do.  There are 3 types of people in this world: leaders, followers and nobodys.  Those with conviction are followed, and nobodys are easily forgotten.  Lead, or follow a good leader, your choice.  Which ever you choose to be, believe in what you’re doing, and the rest of the world’s riches will follow.

baby gif.gif

I’ll leave you with one simple thought: if you aren’t already washing your hands every time you use the bathroom, you’re probably a nobody.  Wash your hands frequently, brush your teeth daily (at least), and wear a smile as much as possible.  It’s a good look, you have my word.  And remember, I’m a Trustworthy Guy.

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