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Classic ‘Cat Friday: Mardy Gilyard and His Seashells

By: Nick Boeing

Last week we brought you guys the Armon Binns catch against Pitt to set off your weekend and, after some discussion, thought it’d be nice to throw it back every Friday with legendary UC players. Football is what’s hot right now as I patiently await NFL and fantasy season, but basketball will definitely be in the mix sooner than later. Just gotta dig up some Connor Barwin stuff for the dual threat crossover.
Anyways, let’s take it back to when the Cats of Clifton had two legitimate Heisman contenders on the roster in Mardy Gilyard and (for a later date) Tony Pike. Hard to believe this guy was torching corners, safeties and special teams coverages seven years ago. Dude lived in a car, decided that was shitty, burned down the Big East and became a fourth-round draft pick of the Rams. Sucks that he never panned out. Would’ve loved to see those seashell dreads roasting Josh Norman every Sunday. Since it didn’t work out, he’s been on three different NFL teams, a CFL team, been arrested for marijuana possession in Canada and now tears it up the AFL for the Jacksonville Sharks. Never change, Mardy.

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