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This Chick got RATTLED by a Question About Socioeconomic Equality in the Miss America Question Round

By: Alex Marcheschi

The question was “Socioeconomic Inequality is a problem facing the United States, how do we narrow the gap between the rich and the poor?”

  1. I’d pay money to be on the staff that writes these questions. That question was written SOLELY to go viral, and we’ll happily oblige.
  2. How drunk was that chick? Seriously.
  3. “I think the rich and the poor need to stop being so segregated.” Fair, me too. Hey rich guy, invite me to your country club, I’ll have the chicken cordon bleu please.
  4. “I think there is a middle class.” BOLD. That’s a hot take, way to go against the grain.
  5. I love how the sideline reporter encourages her to keep going and smiles as if to say, “we know you’re dumb, but your’re still hot.”
  6. I actually respect her for just giving up and closing her eyes at the end, I would’ve done the same.

p.s. that question would’ve easily rattled me too, there’s no good answer to that, if you’re the girl in the vid and you see this hmu, need some females on staff (bad joke).

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  1. #Exploitation



    Any reality tv or live talent show is made so that the viewer can say, “Well at least I’m not as bad off as that person!”

    The United States of Entertainment is The Great & Poweful Oz!

    Hater of the genre. Trips to the zoo have been in the news recently, isn’t it great that this genre brings the zoo to you? Saves on so much gas.


    Much Love & Two Fingers

    Big PUPpy

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