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I Guess Nick Cannon Feels Like Giving Eminem $100,000

nick cannon hahaha.png

By: Alex Marcheschi

I checked Facebook this morning and was hit with that doozy of a headline right away. I didn’t even click on it, still haven’t. There’s no point. My first thought: is Nick Cannon on bath salts?

Seriously though, this is like calling up Aroldis Chapman and asking if he wants to have a fastball throwing contest for $100,000. Cannon would be much better off just donating that $100 grand to charity. He truly has no chance. You could wake Marshall Mathers up from a three-year long coma in which he forgot the English language and he’d still murk you in a rap battle.  (He literally did make up his own language in the freestyle below at the 1:10 mark).

On a real note though, I do feel bad for Nick Cannon. He’s divorced from Mariah now and he probably realizes he sold out HARD hosting all those talent shows or whatever. He definitely can spit, but just not anywhere near Eminem’s level. Especially now. This all probably traces back to Eminem’s old beefs with Mariah, they got pretty weird and intense. Eminem used her own voice in this diss track and it pretty much buried any beef she may have thought there was.

I used to be a big Eminem guy, but I grew out of it. However, I do still know this, he already buried Nick’s ex-wife and if Cannon really follows through with this it will be bad news bears for him. If Nick Cannon really thinks he can win, then Nick Cannon is hilarious.


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