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Two Police Officers Save A Dude’s Life By Taking Him Out For Tacos

tacos police

By: JerryAnytime

Mexico News Daily — A suicide attempt early Monday in Mexico City ended with a meal of tacos courtesy of two police officers who talked a young man down from an overpass.

Atanacio Rosas and Bartolo Ramírez responded to an emergency call in the borough of Gustavo A. Madero, where they found a suicidal 17-year-old ready to leap from an overpass into the traffic passing below. Another man was on the scene restraining him.

Rosas said later he saw his oldest son in the young man, and simply treated him as a son.

The man told the officers that he was not from Mexico City and had neither friends nor family there. He had no job, no money and was hungry.

“I said, ‘Well, what’s the problem, we’ll take you right now to get something to eat,’” Rosas recalled. Inviting the man to have some tacos just happened to be what occurred to him at that moment, he added.

The three sat down for a meal at a nearby taquería where the young consumed five tacos al pastor and a soft drink before the two officers turned him over to a youth services agency, where paramedics pronounced him inebriated.

The two officers have since become famous on social media where, said Ramírez with a laugh, they are known as the “tacos police.” On Facebook, many were proclaiming that “tacos save lives.

Talk about the feel good story of the week. Guy had a severe case of the Mondays and was thinking about throwing it all away until he was promised tacos and tequila. I cannot say that I haven’t been there. I might actually be there right now.

Few things are worse than sitting at your desk on a Monday thinking about all of the beer you shouldn’t have drank the previous day. “Sunday Funday” is a term that I have grown to love/hate with a passion. Sunday Funday always turns into I Want To Kill Myself Monday. Always.

I feel very strongly about tacos. In my honest and correct opinion, burritos and tacos are the greatest food ever invented. Throw every other food in the world out and leave me with just tacos and I’ll be okay. I could be having the worst day of my life, but if you slap a Cheesy Gordita Crunch in front of me, all will be good in the world for at least two euphoric minutes.

Also, “paramedics pronounced him inebriated” is the greatest sentence I have ever read. That sentence is the truest definition of a happy ending. There are so many words that could end that sentence that would make it depressing as shit, but being “pronounced inebriated” instead of “dead” sounds wonderful.

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