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Why Did I Not Know About Ostrich Racing Before?

By: Nick Boeing

Via The Nationalist

Arlington International Racecourse kicked off their racing season in unusual fashion last weekend – with a card that included exotic animal races.

In addition to the usual thoroughbred horses, racegoers at the Illinois course were shown several ostrich races.

There were also camel and zebra races staged over the weekend, but it looks like the ostriches captured most attention.

Ostriches have long necks and legs and can reportedly run up 70 km/h – their long legs can cover up to 16ft in just a single stride.

Horse racing looks so dumb now after watching some highlights of ostrich racing. Nyquist could get wrecked in a number of ways by Flightless Fred. Shit was chaos from the very beginning. You got Long Neck Ned veering out of his lane to try and absolutely wreck the guy next to him. Something like two or three birds finished the race with no jockey at all. Only one that kept it’s cool and jockey for the whole race was Flightless Fred. This is stuff that I love. You can train a horse, but ostriches are wild cards. The Charlie Kelly’s of the wild. Believe it or not, ostriches are every bit as fast as horses (thank you Wikipedia), so I think it’s time we stop being so discriminatory and let an ostrich run with the horses.

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